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Medal of Excellence Awarded to
Relentless Knives by 10th Mtn Div. U.S. Army, Camp Liberty, Iraq 2006

Knife from PUNISHER WAR ZONE 2008
Prototypes, defined as 
an original model on which something is patterned are shown below of the M4x Punisher Military Survival knife.
The knife  already had a history when noticed by Jon Barton and his GunMetal crew.
But for the Punisher War Zone movie, it  it was changed a bit at the request of Director Lexi Alexander, and
The Punisher Ray Stevenson.
click  photo for a larger  view
Prototype #1 Prototype Error Prototype #2 Mismarked
Special Ltd. Ed Proto
Special Ltd. Ed Proto #1 Special Ltd. Ed Proto #2

 SOLD $3500.00 AVAILABLE $3500. Sold
Owned by M9M4.com Owned By:
Pat  Johnson
Owned by:
Lexi Alexander
Most things don't just happen...and Great things take time , effort and lot's of practice.
When I was asked to make a knife for the Punisher War Zone movie, I had been making knives every day all day for 12 years. What an honor I thought it was to be contacted.
So the practice part was a given.
The strange thing about it,  although contacted  well in advance,  finalization of the project materialized only a  week before the filming . I later found  that was normal for movie production.
They had 30 different knives on the table to pick from.
When the order was placed, there was little time to get my product to them.
I made three knives simultaneously, then selected the best of the lot for Hollywood.
Well, with one exception. During the ordeal, I asked for hand measurements which were quickly given, but in error. Unable to make contact for a time, and on a tight schedule, I made a knife to the measurements received.
The matter was cleared up after I reported to the studio it was HUGE .
The three prototypes are shown above from left to right. The final two on the right are Special Limited Edition knife 1 and 2.
After my job was complete, I had little contact  concerning the movie.  I had been told to keep everything quiet
and doubted that my knife had even made it into the final production.
 The movie was to be released in December, and I still had no clue other than a 1/2 second shot from the trailers that my knife would be seen in the film. I attempted to contact the studio a few times to no avail.
So, in July 2008, I made a Proto  knife which was to be Special Limited Edition #001 or the first of a hundred.
But, I suppose my mind was at work in anticipation and I miss marked it #0001
The knife was tendered to a good friend in France who had been waiting along with me to see if the knife was actually in the Punisher War Zone movie. See the history page for more info
At the time of this writing, Proto #1 has been sold to a great person by the name of Jeff Knox.
Jeff is somewhat of a Military historian in the world of knives. A close friend and student of the Greatest of the Great knife makers Mr. Gil Hibben. Behind the scene, during the years of waiting to know if my knife was in the movie, Jeff introduced me to Mr. and Mrs Hibben. I have never met more pleasant and helpful people.  It was a genuine pleasure.
The price of the Prototype knives is $3500.00 each.  The Punisher War Zone movie is a big event for many  people. Frank Castles fans have waited eagerly for years for a realistic portrayal of their hero on the silver screen.  After two missed attempts, Ray Stevenson's portrayal of the Punisher was more than Excellent and the Director Lexi Alexander
is in a word--Brilliant.
These people are at the beginning of their careers in film making, and  long after the celluloid has cracked from age,
the knives will stand as a tribute  to both them and The PUNISHER.
Finally, Relentless Knives are Extreme knives  built to  withstand Extreme conditions.
They are Rare. Top Quality, High Performance, Combat/Utility/Survival and Camp Knives,that can be compared to Probis, Randall,  EK, etc. Each knife is 100% handmade by me, in my shop from the finest materials available. All of my Relentless models are made with the military in mind, and meet or exceed all applicable Mil Specs for the
Phrobis M9 Bayonet. This gives you a knife that is as strong and flexible as possible in a variety of ways, so you return from your mission with the knife intact and ready for the next, no matter what you encounter. They have been tested and used by individual Military, Law enforcement, Adventurers, Outdoors men, Farmers, Hikers, Campers etc. worldwide.  A few or more collectors have also decided to add Relentless Knives to their collection. A perfect blend of beauty and usability make this handmade knife an excellent addition to your outdoor gear or knife collection.

Take it with you on your next adventure. It's built to withstand extreme conditions, and waiting to become your faithful companion I'm sure you'll be pleased.
Thanks for your interest, Dan Certo

Operation Ward 57
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