A Quote from Lexi Alexander 
Director Punisher War Zone
"When I had to decide on an "official" Punisher knife for our movie, I chose a RELENTLESS knife out of thirty knives that were put in front of me. We all agreed it looked the best and felt most authentic for the Punisher.
Then I inquired if I could possibly get the knife a few sizes bigger. Dan Certo of RELENTLESS  KNIVES USA offered to produce a custom made knife for the PUNISHER. When it arrived, it was as if someone opened a jewelry box with a 5 karat diamond in it. The entire cast and crew stopped to admire it. Needless to say, Ray Stevenson aka Frank Castle was in heaven and we the filmmakers liked the knife so much, we gave it its own close up in the first five minutes of the movie.
Dan, you are an artist!
Lexi Alexander  --Director Punisher War Zone

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In 2007 we were honored to be selected from among 30 knife makers  to hand make the Official knife for the PUNISHER WAR ZONE
2008 film.

These pages are about the knife and the film.
Warm Thanks to Lexi Alexander, Ray Stevenson and Jon Barton for this Great honor.

To my Great Customers
Thanks to all of my Great customers, past, present and future. Your continued interest is my motivation to make RELENTLESS KNIVES the Best on the planet.
Take one on your next adventure, they are built to withstand extreme conditions, and waiting to become your faithful companion. I'm sure you'll be pleased.
Thanks Again                                                            Dan Certo

NOTE: RELENTLESS KNIVES are  specialized  tools intended  for Military and Law Enforcement use.
Although many available models are  useful to all, most are task specific. Please read the catalog carefully. The size, shape and materials are selected  to perform under  extreme conditions
in the hands of people sworn to protect and defend.
We are Committed to Excellence,  and our products are designed for Maximum utility.

Also, please consider the  Military Awards Program, these people have done so much for each American, and I need your help to give a little back for their sacrifice.
MAP CSM Brian Carlson U.S. Army MAP
I can not describe the thrill and pride each Soldier exhibited when they received their knife. It only solidified their commitment to serve this great country. I thank all who have contributed and who contributes in the future. You have no idea how much this means to our soldiers. Thank you all!!!!
  RELENTLESS KNIVES are Handmade by Daniel M. Certo Blade smith Marshall, NC They are Rare. Top Quality, High Performance, Combat/Utility/Camp Knives,.that can be compared to Phrobis, Randall,  EK, etc. Each knife is 100% handmade by me, in my shop from the finest materials available. All of my Relentless models are made with the military in mind, and meet or exceed all applicable Mil Specs for the
Phrobis M9 Bayonet. This gives you a knife that is as strong and flexible as possible in a variety of ways, so you return from your mission with the knife intact and ready for the next, no matter what you encounter. They have been tested and used by individual Military, Law enforcement, Adventurers, Outdoors men, Farmers, Hikers, Campers etc. worldwide.  A few or more collectors have also decided to add Relentless Knives to their collection. A perfect blend of beauty and usability make this handmade knife an excellent addition to your outdoor gear or knife collection.

Take it with you on your next adventure. It's built to withstand extreme conditions, and waiting to become your faithful companion I'm sure you'll be pleased. 
Thanks for your interest,
Dan Certo. 
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