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Watch the NEWS section of these pages for interviews with the cast and crew of  Punisher War Zone.
As always,  the people who own my knives are far more interesting to me than the knives
This rings true in the people who made the Punisher movie.
I can't attempt to tell their story here, but briefly, everything you see in the movie is the result of highly trained 
veterans lead by Jon Barton
who put the lead actor Ray Stevenson, also a Marine vet through rigorous training in order to bring you the most
realistic portrayal possible.
Combat experience is also true of the Director, Lexi Alexander,
who worked her way  into Hollywood from the hard earned position of World Kick boxing champion.
Thank You Great people for allowing me a part of your existence. I remain so very proud.
                                These people are a welcome addition to the word of action films.

The realism they add to their productions makes the story markedly more enjoyable to people who know what it's like to
be in the heat of things.
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Relentless Knives by 10th Mtn Div. U.S. Army, Camp Liberty, Iraq 2006


Punisher War Zone

Punisher War Zone
Ray Stevenson
A former Marine, Ray Stevenson  accepted the challenge of portraying the character of Frank Castle a.k.a The Punisher, and did a Great job.
Ray archived notoriety in the HBO series ROME were he played the Roman soldier Titus Pullo and was Excellent..
Ray went through several months of rigorous special military training in order to
handle the job effectively. He is highly respected by his trainers and fans alike. Ray Stevenson
Ray said in a radio interview that he was given a blunted version of the Relentless M4X Punisher after the filming. that was probably one of the three dummy prop knives  made for the film.
PunisherRay will receive Special Limited Edition  #001.
and it will be sharp.
Lexi Alexander
Click on the Johnny Flynton link below for a look at a short but so very powerful film  Lexi Alexandermade with a burrowed camera, and a group of volunteers.
It won her an academy award nomination and justly so.
More than that, it is proof positive, that she understands the heart and soul of many an honorable man and woman adept at the basic human instincts of fighting,Lexi
and protect our world from many who use the same for the inverse of honor.
Johnny Flynton
When I sent the Movie knife to knife to Canada , I included a Mini M4X for the director in Thanks.
She reports keeping it close...just in case.
This is dear to me, as my own daughter says the same.

As for the in case, part.... I think Lexi should have a bigger knife
Lexi will receive Special Limited Edition  #002.
and in her hands........which are weapons without a knife
I figure the any attacker would be in complete and eminent danger.

   Jon Barton  
 Semper Fi
Check Out his web site.

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