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Medal of Excellence Awarded to
Relentless Knives by 10th Mtn Div. U.S. Army, Camp Liberty, Iraq 2006

The M4X Punisher knife design  is the result of years of hard work.
Below you'll find a brief history of it's linage.
Thanks for Your interest in my work. And Thanks to the Fine people who made the movie Punisher War Zone.
Punisher war zone
clock the image for a larger view
M4X Punisher Special Limited Edition Prototype
8" Blade
This knife was used for photo's
for web site and magazine advertising. It was  first thought that the  Special Edition knife should be larger than the original. Feedback said otherwise, so a second Special Edition
Made Oct 2008
see Special Edition Page for more info
M4X Punisher Special Edition Protoype 9.5" Blade Special Limited Edition Prototype
9.5" Blade
This knife was used for photo's
for web site and  magazine advertising. It was thought that the  Special Edition knife should be larger than the original. Feedback said otherwise, so the
Special Edition will be available in 
8 inch blade like the original
except by request.
Made Oct 2008
Punisher War Zone Special Limited Edition Prototype
Incorrectly marked should have been
This resulted in changing blade length of LTD edition, to 9.5".
Nice but not the same as Movie knife so both lengths will be available
Made July 2008
M4X Punisher Tops Protoype Tops Prototype
This knife was made and sent to TOPs knives as a model for their production knife which is  being produced under exclusive license from DMC.

Read more on the the TOPs page
Made Dec 2007
Lexi's Mini M4X  Mini  M4X Punisher  
the only one ever produced
CPMs30V steel .
Gifted to Lexi Alexander
Movie Director,  Karate Expert and
Story Teller Extraordinaire
Read More on the Hollywood page
Made Oct 2007
M4X Punisher #1
Used by The Punisher in the 2008 Movie PUNISHER WAR ZONE
starring Ray Stevenson
Directed by: Lexi Alexander
Armorer: Jon Barton
The knife was pictured in the 2007 and 8 Catalog with no mention of the movie
as the studio requested silence until the film was released. Made Oct 2007

Relentless Knives USA Movie knife Prototype #2
This knife was made simultaneously with the movie knife.
Made Oct 2007
Large Proto Big Knife
made due to miscommunication with movie studio. actors hand was measured  incorrectly.
Time  pressed, the knife was never handled when correct measurements were received.
Made Oct 2007
Relentless Knives USA First M4X  Movie knife Prototype.
This knife was made simultaneously with the movie knife and Prototype 2
Purchased by Historical Military knife collector
and  Student of Gil Hibben
Jeff Knox
Made Oct 2007
M4X Custom
Titanium Handled with Glow in the dark lighted handle 
Tritium inserts last for ten years
Made  Sept 2007 M4X  7" blade
Sent to Major Humphrey for testing.
This was the knife photo sent to the movie people. Blade size requested and changed
for the movie from 7 to 8.5" and 2' wide to 2 1/4 ' wide
Made Aug 2007
M4 Fighter  in 2006 catalog
Name changed to M4X
in the 2007 Catalog
 Quote: X = EXTREME, and that's a good name for this knife. Semi hollow ground blade for increased slicing ability that won't chip out. Massive 2" blade width, with a very strong sharp point. A good measure of super sharp Shark tooth serrations that rip and tear through most materials..(saw tooth also available) This knife was previously named the M4 Fighter, but, is now considered to extreme for the purpose. So...M4X. A great knife for dispatching alligators and sharks.

First M4 Fighter First M4 Fighter
Later to be renamed, this knife was the first of the design later patented
with Tri A Symmetrical design and scooped serration area.
See design page for more info.
Made 2005
Trigrind prototype
and first knife with scooped grind.
Made 2005. Sold to Special Forces soldier who sold it on Ebay 2008 Dec
Made 2005
Old Model M4 Bolo
offered in 2007 Catalog
This and the knife below were combined into the M4 Fighter
M4 Navy Cutlass
Discontinued May 2006
Last of the Quad ground designs
This and the knife above were combined into the M4 Fighter
M1 Hummer M1 Hummer
Discontinued 2005
Larger knife that was a variant of M4 TrailHound.
Grip  and grind changes lead to M4 Navy
Operation Ward 57
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