Punisher war Zone Knife
Punisher War ZonePunisher War Zone Knife
RELENTLESS KNIVES are 100% handmade by me in my shop from top quality materials. They are built for a lifetime of use and have a LIFETIME REPLACEMENT WARRANTY.

                       Relentless knives are Military/ Survival/ Utility knives Designed  for Maximum Efficiency                            
Tested by Professional Soldiers
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a.k.a. M4 Fighter

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Knife from PUNISHER WAR ZONE 2008
The Relentless M4X Punisher is NOT your average Movie knife 
The knife  is ground with a tri asymmetrical grind that creates a triangle in the spine of the blade .this patent pending design results in a blade that is highly impervious to lateral force.
The knife is Zone Tempered, a process used by Japanese Samurai sword makers for thousands of years, results in a super strong blade, with spring temper in the spine and 58rc hardness on the cutting edge. This gives you a knife that resists breakage even with the application of great lateral forces,that will hold an edge well, and resharpen easily. You get, superior strength and durability and heavy last ditch personal protection in a handy all around survival/utility knife that you will love. This size is highly effective for heavy chopping and hundreds of cutting tasks.
Punisher War Zone

Relentless Knives are in use today by Individual Soldiers, Police, Search and Rescue Team members, as well as Campers, Hikers Backpackers, Hunters, Farmers and Outdoor Adventurers through out the world. A few or more collectors have also decided to add Relentless Knives to their collection. A perfect blend of beauty and extreme functional reliability make this handmade knife an excellent addition to your outdoor gear or knife collection.

Operation Ward 57
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